Minutes for Committee Meeting – 10 October 2023

In Attendance

Julie Parker – Chair
Pete Jennings – Vice-Chair
Edwin Lace - Head Coach
Donald Vaughan - Treasurer
Honzik Slovak – Tuesday Rep
Jess Nichols – Welfare Rep
Marie Coquet – Saturday Rep
Abi Stone – Wednesday Rep
Becky Toal – Communications

Andrew Pierce
Alastair Dawson

Absence Excused

Phil Joy - Secretary

Chairing Meeting

Julie Parker

Normal Business

  1. Chair's Remarks

No remarks.

  1. Treasurer

Bank balance is down year-to-date but the club had committed to some expenditure in respect of the 25th Anniversary events.

MAC prices are due to increase in April 2024, which could mean that our session there is no longer financially viable. The committee will be reviewing this issue in the coming months.

  1. Membership

Attendance has plateaued recently, but is still consistent. The Wednesday session has grown recently and this is pleasing to see.

The club remains committed to the Monday session trial, although at present it has had relatively low attendance and is not projected to break even at current rate.

  1. Coaching

Coaching is generally going well, and Tom has been running some popular fly sessions.

There have been a few teething issues at Abraham moss (lane ropes, music, clock etc) but it is getting much better and those sessions are going well.

  1. Welfare

No issues.

  1. Social Reps

Andrew Pearce and Alastair Dawson have come forward to share the Social Rep role. This was supported unanimously by the committee.

Events will be scheduled very soon.

Other Business

  1. Swim England Constitution

The club is due to submit an updated constitution to Swim England and this will be prepared by the committee shortly.

  1. Web Statistics from WordPress

Donald shared details of the new reporting tool for Northern Wave website hits and search engine referrals. The data shared was for October 2023 and gave an idea of what we have available to us.

It was generally seen as useful to know that we have the data and now that we all know perhaps we think about its uses. It certainly is capable of detecting whether any specific actions we take on social media are driving additional interest in our website.

  1. Major Swim/Multi Sport Event (Proposer – Eric)

There is suggestion that the club could consider hosting an international swimming event, possibly to include water polo, and the committee will be exploring this further in the coming months.

  1. AOB

Next Meeting Date

Next meeting moves to Tuesday 28th November at Moss Side Leisure Centre.

Social Media

The committee agreed to actively support the trans community with appropriate social media postings.

Northern Wave Official WhatsApp

Only two people have asked to join so the group is to be disbanded.