Minutes for Committee Meeting – 20th December 2022

In Attendance

Pete Jennings – Co-Chair
Julie Parker – Co-Chair
Donald Vaughan – Treasurer
Phil Joy – Secretary
Edwin Lace – Coach
Jess Nichols – Welfare Rep
Honzik Slovak – Tuesday Rep
Becky Toal - Communications

Absence Excused

Abi Stone – Wednesday Rep


Wesley Crombie

Chairing Meeting

Julie Parker

Normal Business

  1. Chair's Remarks

Thanks were given to Pete for organising the Christmas party.

  1. Treasurer

The bank balance is a little under £10k and this has gradually decreased over the last year. Day to day the club is running at roughly a £950 loss.

  1. Membership

Attendance figures remain as usual.

Fewer Wednesday swimmers paying by standing order.

  1. Welfare

Hygiene issues raised at Hough End and Moss Side Leisure Centres. The club will feed back to the appropriate contacts.

  1. Coaching

Nothing specific to report.

Ben is being encouraged to book his coaching course.

Alex will be away in January but cover will be arranged.

Blackpool Masters is on 25th February 2023.

Other Business

  1. Swim Mark

Swim Mark audit will take place in January 2023 and considerable work will be required from the committee.

  1. Swim England Fees

Swim England fees will be £16.50 and £37 for Club Train and Club Compete.

  1. Promoting the club / university media students

The club will be enquiring with universities in and around Manchester regarding a media student potentially preparing some promotional materials.

  1. Update on pricing

Due to rising costs, door prices will be increased by 50p commencing April 2023. Members will be notified in good time.

  1. January ‘social’ to promote the club

The club will host a small social gathering after swimming on Saturday 14th January 2023, to enable members to engage with the committee.

  1. 25th Anniversary

Planning is underway for a swimming event and a party to mark the 25th Anniversary of the club.

  1. 2023 AGM date

The AGM will take place on Tuesday 2nd May 2023.

  1. 2023 social events

2023 social events are being considered and fixed dates will be confirmed in due course.

  1. Booking site

The club will no longer require members to pre-book a swim session.

  1. AOB

Social media is driving membership growth.

Northern Pride Sports Swap is underway and swimming has been included as a sport. We intend to take part if there is sufficient interest.

The club is continuing to look for a social secretary or team to help with social events.