Minutes for Committee Meeting – 20th October 2021

In Attendance

Pete Jennings – Co-Chair
Julie Parker – Co-Chair
Donald Vaughan – Treasurer (joined after approx. 40 mins)
Phil Joy – Secretary
Edwin Lace – Coach (left approx. 15 mins early)
Jess Nichols – Welfare Rep – via Zoom
Becky Toal – Communications – via Zoom (left after approx. 40 mins)
Honzik Slovak – Tuesday Rep
Abi Stone

Chairing Meeting

Julie Parker

Normal Business

  1. Chair's Remarks

Minutes from previous meeting were agreed by all members present. Abi Stone was introduced as wanting to step into the vacant position of Wednesday Rep and it was suggested by Julie that she be co-opted onto the committee. This was agreed by all members present.

  1. Treasurer

The club is down year-on-year because of Covid-19. This is expected, but we need to consider income stability. It was decided that a pre-payment card would not offer the required stability and instead Standing Order payments are the most reliable way of stabilising the club income. Some consideration was given to session prices however it was agreed to wait for the new financial year so that a full comparison can be drawn before assessing further.

  1. Coaching

Coaching continues to go well and there has been positive feedback from members regarding Alex’s assistance. The Tuesday session may soon revert back to the original time slot but confirmation is awaited. Further consideration given to Alex coaching on a Sunday also.

  1. Welfare

Nothing specific to report.

It was agreed that some rules will be introduced on Facebook to prevent any inappropriate behaviour.

  1. Membership

No comments to add.

Other Business:

  1. Gill Wright Award

Edwin donated to the club a handcrafted iron bowl that he has had commissioned. The committee is grateful to Edwin for his donation. The award is to be given annually at the Christmas party. Nominations will be taken for consideration.

  1. Christmas meal/event

Victoria Baths have not responded to our request to hire space for the Christmas Party. Edwin has approached Coffee Cranks in Alexandra Park. Committee agreed that Christmas Party will be held at Coffee Cranks.

  1. Wednesday Rep

Abi Stone co-opted onto committee as Wednesday rep. See section 1 above.

  1. Sunday sessions

Ongoing efforts to confirm timings for the Sunday Session in light of the upcoming MAC refurbishment.

  1. AOB

Membership Form

Donald to make amendments as discussed at previous committee meeting.

Open Water Events

Jess noted that the recent open water charity event raised over £700.00 for Marie Curie and it was good fun. It was very easy to organise and it would be good to do it again.