Minutes for Committee Meeting – 28 November 2023

In Attendance

Julie Parker – Chair
Pete Jennings – Vice Chair
Donald Vaughan – Treasurer
Phil Joy – Secretary
Edwin Lace – Coach
Jess Nichols – Welfare Rep
Honzik Slovak – Tuesday Rep
Marie Coquet – Saturday Rep
Alastair Dawson – Co Social Secretary
Andrew Pierce – Co Social Secretary
Eric Fewster

Absence Excused

Abi Stone – Wednesday Rep
Becky Toal – Communications

Chairing Meeting

Julie Parker

Normal Business

  1. Chair's Remarks

No specific comments.

  1. Treasurer

The bank balance is approx. £8700 which remains stable. Year‑to‑date the club is operating at a profit.

  1. Membership

Attendance is generally stable.

  1. Coaching

Coaching is operating well.

The committee is continuing to explore additional coaching cover.

  1. Welfare

No specific comments.

Other Business

  1. Christmas Party

Final plans made for the Christmas party, including club awards.

  1. Monday session review

The committee has agreed that the Monday session is running well, despite attendance being on the low side with an average of 9. The club is committed to running the session for the next quarter before re‑assessing.

  1. MAC price increases

The committee is aware of planned price increases at the MAC and current projections show that no session in 2024 at the MAC would be profitable. Discussions to remain ongoing.

  1. Northern Wave Competition

The committee is exploring the possibility of Northern Wave hosting a large competition event in 2025. Initial enquiries are positive, and the matter will be discussed further at the next committee meeting.

  1. 2024 meeting dates

Committee meetings will run every 6 weeks as normal. The committee may host future meetings at the MAC also.

The AGM is pencilled in for Saturday 18th May 2024, with potential for a social afterwards. To be confirmed.

  1. AOB

Dates for diary and calendar invites

The committee is investigating the possibility of circulating downloadable calendar files for club dates.