Minutes for Committee Meeting – 5th July 2022

In Attendance

Pete Jennings – Co-Chair
Julie Parker – Co-Chair
Donald Vaughan - Treasurer
Phil Joy – Secretary
Edwin Lace – Coach
Jess Nichols – Welfare Rep
Honzik Slovak – Tuesday Rep

Absence Excused

Abi Stone – Wednesday Rep

Chairing Meeting

Julie Parker

Normal Business

  1. Chair's Remarks

No specific comments from the Chair.

It was noted that the pool party at Hathersage was a success.

  1. Treasurer

The club bank balance is sitting at around £10.8k, although the club is running at a deficit and making a small loss each month.

The committee is looking into ways in which more money can be raised, including potentially running one‑off skills sessions on any of our swim days to attract more members.

  1. Membership

No comments.

  1. Welfare

A welfare matter was discussed – the specific issue is already covered by a club policy and no further action is required.

No other issues.

  1. Coaching

Further consideration is being given to recruiting new coaches into the club. Training support will be offered, the specifics of which are still being finalised.

Saturday MAC closures will see temporary displacement to Friday evening sessions at Moss Side Leisure Centre.

Other Business

  1. Response to FINA trans policy

The club will be submitting a letter to Swim England regarding our concerns over the FINA policy on transwomen competing against women. Other LGBTQ+ swim clubs will be approached initially to devise a united approach.

  1. Booking website reviews

There are reviews online regarding the club which are damaging to the club – particularly regarding member attendance. A response to each reviewer will be written up and published.

  1. AOB


It was noted that automatic rules applied to Facebook groups have recently changed and it will be easier for people to join the group and engage with content. There is to be a reminder that the club groups are not to be used for advertising.

Manchester Pride

The club has secure d a place in the Manchester pride parade and is consideringpurchasing new materials to use in the parade.

Saturday to Friday session change

This needs to be well advertised.