Minutes for Committee Meeting – 6 June 2023

In Attendance

Julie Parker – Chair
Pete Jennings – Vice Chair
Donald Vaughan – Treasurer
Edwin Lace - Coach
Honzik Slovak – Tuesday Rep
Jess Nichols – Welfare Rep
Marie Coquet – Saturday Rep
Chris Varden

Absence Excused

Phil Joy – Secretary
Abi Stone – Wednesday Rep
Becky Toal – Communications

Chairing Meeting

Julie Parker

Normal Business

  1. Chair's Remarks

Abi Stone wanted to say pride on range was a great success for the club and a really nice day was had by all. Jess Seconded.

Fiona (Wednesday swimmer) is unable to return to swim with the club but wanted to say thanks to Edwin for encouragement in the pool.

  1. Treasurer

Bank balance is over £9,000. There has been a small loss on recent Tuesday sessions but the Wednesday session is making a profit. The displacement to the upstairs pool at MAC will result in reduced expenditure.

  1. Membership

Attendance consistent, flat generally but Wednesday seems to be the best in terms of growth in numbers over the year.

  1. Coaching

Phil Joy has passed his course so is now a qualified assistant coach. We have new equipment for Wednesday sessions and will be purchasing more for Tuesday sessions. Edwin will be introducing timed swims as part of his coaching. The committee is considering offering funding to Tom Elphick to complete his assistant coaching course. Kathryn Fowler is a qualified coach who is keen to assist the club in the near future.

  1. Welfare

No issues.

Other Business

  1. Member Poll

48% of respondents said they would attend the new Monday session. Vast majority of members willing to attend and pay for anniversary party and Gala.

  1. 25th Anniversary Update

The gala will be held at Abraham Moss and the party afterwards will be held at Victoria Baths. Both will take place on 9th September 2023. There will be a charge for the event and catering will be provided by the club.

  1. Pride Parade

The club will be attending the Manchester pride parade and will try to ensure that we walk with the Sharks to boost numbers.

  1. Kit Order

Phil Joy will be arranging a kit order soon. We will look to add cotton T-shirts to the range.

  1. Additional Tuesday Sessions

The club has booked an additional session between 7-8pm on 18th July which will run as a stroke analysis session. The club has booked an additional session between 7-8pm on 15th August for the Northern Sports Swap.

  1. Committee Email Addresses

Existing chair email address are to remain as is even with recent change to Vice-Chair arrangement.

  1. AOB

Monday Sessions

The committee agreed to try a 7-8pm session. Given that it is only 3 lanes it will be a fully coached session at least to begin. Promotion of this session will commence shortly.


We will look to add an events calendar to the club website.

Pool Party

Lots of people are planning on attending but only 4 people have paid for their ticket. We will continue to advertise the session to encourage people to attend. People will be encouraged to bring their own picnic food. There won’t be a barbecue.