Minutes for Committee Meeting – 7 December 2021

In Attendance

Pete Jennings – Co-Chair
Julie Parker – Co-Chair
Donald Vaughan – Treasurer
Phil Joy – Secretary
Edwin Lace – Coach
Jess Nichols – Welfare Rep
Becky Toal – Communications – via Zoom (left after approx. 15 mins)
Honzik Slovak – Tuesday Rep

Chairing Meeting

Pete Jennings

Normal Business

  1. Chair's Remarks

Christmas party was noted to have been very successful. It was agreed by all that the same will be adopted next year.

  1. Treasurer

Club finances remain healthy. Bank balance is positive. Monthly income/expenditure is positive. Attendance is positive across all sessions. Standing Orders should continue to be recommended to help maintain income stream.

  1. Coaching

Lane management issues were noted. Edwin will try to manage lanes better and Honzik has volunteered to assist with this. It was also agreed that some new members have had limited swimming ability and there should be clarification that we are a club offering coaching to swimmers, not teaching. The committee will investigate and report back with a minimum required standard for new members.

  1. Welfare

A welfare matter was discussed regarding inappropriate behaviour/actions by one member. Full details of the discussion are held by the Welfare Officer. Agreed by all committee members present that the issue is to be monitored by Jess and further report to follow.

  1. Membership

The amended membership form was approved. Whilst it isn’t ideal to have members provide a fixed gender it is a requirement of Swim England that we cannot avoid. The form is to be made live and must be available on the website as per Swim England requirements.

New member admission continues to grow.

Other Business

  1. Change to committee meeting venues

It was agreed by all committee members present that committee meetings will take place in person at Moss Side Leisure Centre with an option to join via Zoom for those unable to attend.

  1. AOB

Code of Conduct

A code of conduct for club members is being considered and will be reviewed in due course.

Changing Rooms

There was concern that the ventilation at the Manchester Aquatics Centre, specifically in the basement pool, is not compliant with COVID-19 suggestions. This was raised with MAC and they confirmed that fresh air was ventilated to the basement.


Saturday capacity increased to 40 swimmers.

Swim England Health Check

Swim England Health Check is approaching and committee briefed that work is to be done.


Becky was thanked for her ongoing social media work. Lots of new members have found the club recently via social media.